About Pim Hendriksen


Pim is an Amsterdam based photographer. After studying technical business management and a career in the automotive industry, he decided to follow his heart and make photography his full-time profession. 

As a self-taught photographer his ever increasing thirst for knowledge serves as his inspiration. Pim balances his drive with a technical knowledge of photography that helps his work as a commercial photographer, specializing in advertisingportraits and automotive photography with a look and feel that is colorful, powerful and energetic. Pim also takes great pleasure in capturing the raw moments in life as is seen in his personal work.

He has had the good fortune to collaborate with (inter)national advertising agencies, magazines and renowned design studios. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business is a cornerstone in his day-to-day operations; he believes that great creativity is often the result of a team effort and he values working closely with his clients. 

Pim lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with his beautiful wife Sophie and gorgeous daughter Isabelle, but works wherever a car or plane will take him.