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Porsche Panamera and Cayenne – The diesel brothers

We were shooting recently for Porsche NL in Rotterdam. We took two of the hottest rides in German manufacturer’s line-up, the luxury four door Panamera and the sporty crossover Cayenne. You probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but these 2 sporty cars are diesels. Great performance though!

We shot the cars on location in Rotterdam near Hotel New York. Great location to use for these kind of shots. Can’t wait to shoot that area during nighttime.

Altogether a great day. It was awesome having a Panamera to cart all the gear around. Were now seriously considering getting one as our workhorse transport vehicle for all our shoots! Not that we can afford it, but you’ve got to have dreams right?

For the gearnerds that are reading this.. this is what we used:

Camera: Canon 1DX
Lenses: 24-70 2.8 II, 70-200 2.8 II
Flashes: Canon 430EX II, Canon 600EX, Elinchrom Quadra RX with an a-head.
Triggers: Pocket Wizard Mini TT1, Flex TT5

The finals:

PR (1 of 5) PR (2 of 5) PR (3 of 5) PR (4 of 5) PR (5 of 5)

Pim at work:



Publication in Esquire magazine

Veloretti with my picture in the new April Issue of Esquire. Nice!



Manes Couch shoot with G2K

We were recently collaborating with creative agency G2K and art director Bas Schipper to shoot a cool comfy couch by Manes. Thanks to all the models (and dogs!) for a really energetic shoot!

ManesBank (4 of 4)-2 ManesBank (2 of 4)-2 ManesBank (1 of 4)-2


The Vodafone campaign posters

The new Vodafone campaign that we (Maarten Kadiks and me) shot, kicked off and is now visible in almost every city in the Netherlands. Here are some photos where you can see the placement of the advertisments, together with a behind the scene photo. Loving those billboards!

VodafoneCampagne (1 of 1)
VodafoneCampagne (4 of 4) VodafoneCampagne (3 of 4) VodafoneCampagne (2 of 4) VodafoneCampagne (1 of 4)




weekbreek (6 of 13)weekbreek (7 of 13)weekbreek (4 of 13)weekbreek (5 of 13)