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Palladium boots : Explorer series Rotterdam

We did a recent project in collaboration with Blue Print Media for Palladium boots, a really exciting trendy brand that started out making tyres for aircrafts. Now they focus only on footwear that really stands out from the crowd. We shot Philip Powel, co-owner of the Bird Rotterdam, a cool and laidback jazz club. He took us on a journey around Rotterdam, visiting the areas of his hometown that he has a strong connection to. Have a look to see where we ended up…

We also did a shoot in Paris. Results will also be shown on this blog.

PalladiumWeb (41 of 43) PalladiumWeb (33 of 43) PalladiumWeb (30 of 43) PalladiumWeb (16 of 43) PalladiumWeb (40 of 43) PalladiumWeb (23 of 43) PalladiumWeb (25 of 43) PalladiumWeb (26 of 43) PalladiumWeb (39 of 43)In action; getting down low for the shot! foto 1 copy


I am seeing orange today!

1 for the national Dutch soccer team.

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IJburg at night

Below are the first set of images taken as part of an ongoing project the scenery of Ijburg (a neighbourhood of Amsterdam) at night. I moved with my family to IJburg in december last year and am fascinated by it’s beauty, especially at night. The initial results are promising!

Ijburg2-7 Ijburg3-2 Ijburg3-3 Ijburg3-6 Ijburg3-7 ijburg-3 ijburg-2 ijburg-1


Grolsch Intrinsics shoot

In January we started the year with a commercial project for Grolsch and the Bank agency. Ryan Shaw, Creative director at the agency and a few other colleagues made the trip to Amsterdam from London for the shoot and we all met bright and early on a freezing cold morning in the east of Amsterdam at Roest. The furnace was lit, coffees were handed out all round and we started a great day of shooting.

We did 6 shots in total with the famous swing top bottle. We spritzed the bottle and set up the lights (including an Elinchrom Ranger that was outside all day in the rain blasting through the window to get that lovely sunlight flare). It was a great day with a great team and we can’t wait to do it again!

Check out the BTS timelapse!

Grolsch Intrinsics shoot by Pim Hendriksen from Pim Hendriksen on Vimeo.

14 0157 GROLSCH Body Art_594x841_LR 14 0157 GROLSCH Its Whats Inside That Counts_594x841_LR 14 0157 GROLSCH Perfectly Balanced_594x841_LR 14 0157 GROLSCH Born This Way_594x841_LR 14 0157 GROLSCH Thick Skinned_594x841_LR

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  • Dana Brown, May 22, 2014 at 5:38 am

    Excellent shoot, all four make a solid campaign. I’ve got to bring up my website up to speed, any suggestions in web design? Cheers from San Rafael, CA!


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