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14 March, 2016 - Comments Off on Studio Roosegaarde Windlicht

Studio Roosegaarde Windlicht

Last week I photographed the new project of Studio Roosegaarde.

"WINDLICHT, the latest work of Roosegaarde, shows the beauty of green energy by connecting windmill blades with lines of light.

Special software and tracking technology detect the windmill blades rotating at 280 kilometres per hour. Roosegaarde: "WINDLICHT creates the missing link between the Dutch and the beauty of our new landscape."

Daan Roosegaarde was inspired by Kinderdijk. For him these windmills from 1740 are a perfect example of Dutch innovation. Reconnecting with the landscape and creating a positive image around green energy also drives him. Roosegaarde developed the artwork together with his team of designers and engineers.

Visitors can tune into radio canal WINDLICHT 105.3 FM to hear the stories behind the artwork.

2016. Windmills, tracking software, camera's and LED at Eneco windfarm at Sint Annaland in Zeeland, NL. WINDLICHT can be experienced for free on 10/11/12 and 18/19th of March from 20:00 to 23:00. Dates and time can change due to the weather sensitive nature of the artwork. Check our social media in advance."


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