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2 September, 2013 - Comments Off on Veloretti productshots at night

Veloretti productshots at night

Today is the product launch of the brandnew Veloretti bicycles ( ). For this launch I made some night pictures in their natural habit. After months of hard work, the webshop is open and ready for sale.

In their newsletter they state:

"After months of blood, sweat, tears and laughter we are over the moon excited about the launch of our brand Veloretti Bicycles Amsterdam. Finally we can share with all of you the joy we have had the past couple of months creating the best possible bicycles.

At we are opening our online doors to you to experience all Veloretti bicycles has to offer. It’s not about just buying a new bicycle; it’s about setting foot into a new way of living. We have experienced it ourselves the last couple of months and now we want to share the feeling. We aren’t just another bicycle manufacturer selling you stuff. We would like to get to know you better. So let’s connect. We can start by connecting on Facebook. If you like."


Enjoy the pictures!

nightshotsveloretti (1 of 7)
nightshotsveloretti (2 of 7)
nightshotsveloretti (3 of 7)nightshotsveloretti (4 of 7)
nightshotsveloretti (6 of 7)
nightshotsveloretti (5 of 7)Veloretti bicycles at night in Amsterdam
Veloretti bicycles at night in Amsterdam

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