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18 April, 2014 - Comments Off on Dirtcaps Promo Shoot on Location

Dirtcaps Promo Shoot on Location

Last week we had Max, Danny and Tim a.k.a. the Dirtcaps on location to shoot the latest set of promo images for their upcoming tour in America. Holland's most unique DJ/MC trio brought all that energy that you see on stage to the shoot and we got some great shots. We were shooting near Haarlem in an old sugar factory, that made an absolutely amazing location giving atmosphere and drama to every shot. With our smokemachine running full power we boosted the drama even more. Unfortunately, we can't say that we didn't set off the smoke alarm a few times throughout the day! But it was totally worth it.

The styling was provided by Josje from Showpony productions for that!

Check out the behind the scenes here!

Dirtcaps promo photoshoot by Pim Hendriksen from Pim Hendriksen on Vimeo.

This was the last shot of the day. The sun came around to the perfect spot and the all the smoke diffused the light just perfectly.


Dirtcaps (21 of 30)

Dirtcaps (5 of 30)


Dirtcaps (11 of 30)

Dirtcaps (29 of 30)

Dirtcaps (14 of 30)

For all the gear heads out there, this is what we used for the shoot.
Camera: Canon 1DX
Lenses: 16-35L 2.8 II, 24-70 L 2.8 II, 24-105 4.0 IS, 70-200 2.8 IS II
Flashgear: 2 Elinchrom quadra's with A-heads, Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed with S-head, Elinchrom RX600, Elinchrom RX300 and an Elinchrom Powerpack 1200RX with 1 SEE head. All were triggered through the skyport system of Elinchrom.

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