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1 November, 2012 - Comments Off on 20 second portraits

20 second portraits

Sometimes you have to make some ultra quick portraits. Last week was one of those jobs. Vodafone asked me to photograph their Vodafone Firestarters session at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Firestarters is a traveling talkshow that wants to innovate, inspirate and discuss several topics in a creative context.  Before the sessions started I had to make the portraits of every host and guest of the event.  Everybody was in a hurry or late, so I just had to do my best to get it right in a minimum amount of time.


For the photogeeks:

I used a Canon 5d Mark III camera with a Canon 85mm 1.8 lens. The light was an Elinchrom Quadra in a photodiox Octabox with grid.

Here are the shots.

1. Sander Kleinenberg - DJ

2. Wannabeastar aka Jojanneke van der Veer - DJ and presenter

4. Andrew Makkinga - Radio DJ and Presenter


4. Walter Flapper - Flapper Management, manager of Noisia


5. Michel Penders - Founder of Bungalup and Plus1


6. James Minor - Music Festival General Manager at SXSW

7. Rob Simon - Founder of Next Monday's Hangover &

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