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21 September, 2016 - Comments Off on PR images for Porsche, Historic Grand Prix 2016

PR images for Porsche, Historic Grand Prix 2016

The Historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort took place a few weeks ago. For that occasion I shot a few promotion images for Porsche NL of 2 old racing Porsches driven by dutch racing legends Jan Lammers and Gijs van Lennep. Jan drove the 1998 Porsche GT1 (which won LeMans in 1998) and Gijs drove the open single seater 917/30 from 1973. This 917/30 had a racing trim of 1100bhp, and with qualifcation even 1400bhp. Insane numbers!

porschehgpthumb porschehgpthumb_1 porschehgpthumb_2

19 September, 2016 - Comments Off on New campaign image for “Het Scheepvaart Museum”

New campaign image for “Het Scheepvaart Museum”

We were commissioned to shoot the new campaign image for "Het Scheepvaart Museum". The image is hanging on the front of the building. It's huge; 20,5m by 9,5m ! Really happy with the result of this photoshoot.

The original image and the image with layout on top.





20 June, 2016 - Comments Off on Photoshoot: Renault Megane – Lightpainting

Photoshoot: Renault Megane – Lightpainting

For the car manufacturer Renault I was asked to participate in a collaboration to create 'lightpainting' images. During the night we were able to create 4 different set-ups at different locations. Each image has a different color, as the driving modes of the Renault Mégane also differ.

Also Renault asked to shoot a behind the scenes video during the photoshoot. This video is being used in their online communication.

Check out the results below!





And the Behind the Scenes commercial:


18 April, 2016 - Comments Off on Vajen van den Bosch

Vajen van den Bosch

Vajen van den Bosch - Actrice


Combi048Combi047 Combi045


Make up artist: Annemieke van Duuren

Styling: Rianne Boon

14 March, 2016 - Comments Off on Studio Roosegaarde Windlicht

Studio Roosegaarde Windlicht

Last week I photographed the new project of Studio Roosegaarde.

"WINDLICHT, the latest work of Roosegaarde, shows the beauty of green energy by connecting windmill blades with lines of light.

Special software and tracking technology detect the windmill blades rotating at 280 kilometres per hour. Roosegaarde: "WINDLICHT creates the missing link between the Dutch and the beauty of our new landscape."

Daan Roosegaarde was inspired by Kinderdijk. For him these windmills from 1740 are a perfect example of Dutch innovation. Reconnecting with the landscape and creating a positive image around green energy also drives him. Roosegaarde developed the artwork together with his team of designers and engineers.

Visitors can tune into radio canal WINDLICHT 105.3 FM to hear the stories behind the artwork.

2016. Windmills, tracking software, camera's and LED at Eneco windfarm at Sint Annaland in Zeeland, NL. WINDLICHT can be experienced for free on 10/11/12 and 18/19th of March from 20:00 to 23:00. Dates and time can change due to the weather sensitive nature of the artwork. Check our social media in advance."


Studio_Roosegaarde_Windlicht (5 of 5)

Studio_Roosegaarde_Windlicht (1 of 5)

Studio_Roosegaarde_Windlicht (4 of 5)Studio_Roosegaarde_Windlicht (2 of 5) Studio_Roosegaarde_Windlicht (3 of 5)

4 March, 2016 - Comments Off on Amazing Norway – Drone video

Amazing Norway – Drone video

Last week I came back from a journey to create some new portfolio images. I packed my usual camera gear for this trip, but also packed my brand new drone and put it out to the test. The amazing scenery in Norway, and especially in the Lofoten area, blew my mind. Such great beauty in Norway.... I never knew!

See for yourself and enjoy the full 4 minute video.

The video has a great soundtrack that is made by my friend Tommy Ebben. Music credit: "Tommy Ebben - Red curled curtain"